The Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch Committee are proud to announce the imminent deployment of a Blue Security 24/7 dedicated armed response vehicle to service our community and residents. Historically,
Waterfall 3 has shared a Blue dedicated vehicle with our Crestholme neighbours, and we look forward to the higher levels of visibility and quicker reaction times to alarm activations the deployment of the vehicle
will bring. Blue Security are leaders in community focused projects, supported by a highly trained operational and projects team. We have enjoyed and value the long partnership we have with Blue
Security and their Special Projects team. This highly-valued partnership has and will continue to contribute towards effective crime-combatting initiatives the Waterfall 3 committee have deployed in the Waterfall 3

Blue Security, has over the years, worked very closely with the Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch and our Street Patrollers and the Blue Zones bordering our footprint. We strongly encourage all members to change over to Blue Security and support this exciting venture and become a part of this community partnership with Blue.


Effective security is all about having a layered approach. Your house, your yard, the street you live in and then a focused approach to your neighbourhood requires a change in thinking that we cannot live in isolation if we are to overcome the scourge of crime in our communities.

We feel confident that through our partnership with the surrounding Neighbourhood Watches, Street Patrollers and Blue, we will deploy effective layers of security to match the onslaught of crime that’s on the

Dedicated Service By Blue

This is what all Blue Active Members can expect from the dedicated vehicle service that is deployed in the
Waterfall 3 footprint:

  • As an Active Blue Member you have full recourse to Blue’s Special Projects team that are on hand to assist with any queries pertaining to technical issues, accounts and the operational aspects of the dedicated vehicle. Please feel free to call Blue on 031 717 5000 during office hours and ask for Special Projects
  • Alarm signals are received directly by the dedicated vehicle resulting in quicker reaction times The vehicle patrols the footprint extensively and is allocated high visible stand-off locations creating a very visible presence of armed response in the area.
  • Although there has been a recent increase of crime in the area and not to downplay the seriousness of these crimes, this is still very insignificant when compared to areas without a dedicated service. Historically we’ve seen how crime in areas without a dedicated service is 85% higher than in areas with a dedicated service. A dedicated service is very effective in displacing the crime to areas without one
  • The Waterfall 3 Projects Committee will hold regular meetings with Blue to explore security initiatives in order to create a neighbourhood that is geared towards fighting crime effectively
  • All project active members will be allowed two free Blue panic apps
  • Special sign boards outside your property will identify you as a supporter of the project

Active Project Membership

Through lengthy discussions with Blue Security, the Waterfall 3 committee endorsed and committed to the following sign up criteria in order to become an active member of the Waterfall 3 dedicated service:

  • Sign up for the project at R430.00 per month including VAT
  • Existing Blue Security clients will have their monthly fee automatically adjusted to R430.00 at the end of September 2018, effective 1st October 2018
  • Changing over to Blue is easy. Contact any of the people hereunder and Blue will make contact with you.

The Waterfall 3 Project Committee

The committee consists of:
Karen Buxton 084 318 3697
Grant Pietersen 083 427 6663

Feel free to contact the committee.

Community Meet Up Day

A community day has been arranged for 29 September 2018 at the Patch in Mahai Drive from 10:30 to 14:30.
There will be free Wors Rolls on offer and a Jumping castle for the little ones.
Blue Security and the project team will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Special Projects

Blue’s Special Projects department exists to manage the 34 dedicated vehicle projects throughout Durban.
Special Projects are available to act as liaison on all community-related initiatives and are just a call away to assist all active members on any matters pertaining to the security of your home.

The Project Manager for the Waterfall 3 Project is Keith du Randt and he may be contacted on
072 345 1780 or emailed at

In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE