The intention of the following message is not to bring about panic but is rather a cautionary message to the residents of the Outer west.

There has been in increase in criminal activity in our Hillcrest and surrounding areas over the last couple of months and heading into the festive season its not going to get any better.
We want to urge our communities to remain vigilant at all times and practice the basic safety procedures which we all know by now. Unfortunately it is human nature to become complacent and that is when criminals seek out our weak points and strike.

A few pointers.
1) Before getting into bed at night, Make sure there is no tools of opportunity lying around the property. Spades, picks etc. This will be used to gain entry to your property.

2) Make sure garages, sheds, doors, windows etc is locked and alarms are set.

3) If you hear a noise outside don’t go out, contact your armed response to do a patrol, many house robberies in Hillcrest over the years have occurred as a result of opening and looking out, don’t open for dogs to go out and do its business. It’s easier to clean up doggie poop than blood.

4) Don’t leave any valuables in cars overnight not even in the boot. They will damage your car and take what they can get, park your car in a well lit area and speak to your alarm company to install a passive which will detect movement near your vehicle.

5) Make sure all house Keyes are accounted for before going to bed and keep a phone on charge and a panic button nearby.

6)If you have a firearm make sure you know how and when to use it and that it’s in working condition.

7) Test your alarm system once a month and make sure it works. There is nothing like the sound of silence when you press your panic and someone is in your house or on the property. You would like help when you press that button.

8) Have a small dog inside and a big dog outside if possible. The little ones are more sharp and will warn you if anything is amiss plus suspects won’t be able to poison them if they are inside your house.

9) Report all suspicious activity, people and cars. Report all crime.

10) If you cannot afford an alarm give us a call for alternative options. We will gladly come and see you and discuss a no obligation option.
Stay safe and God Bless.

Steven king.
Chairman of the Hillcrest CPF
And CEO and founder of SA Community Crime Watch.
Contact 0829205799 for more information.

In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE