Many people have the misconception that being a member of , or getting involved in a Neighbourhood Watch, requires you to be out on the road doing patrols and chasing the bad guys at all hours of the night, and while that is quite true of the reaction team, there are many other facets to being part of the Neighbourhood Watch, especially in Waterfall 3.

We are one of the few Neighbourhood Watches that have a specific group of people that focus on the upliftment of the area, from not only a visual standpoint but also from a status point of view, and this does not only increase the value of our homes in the area, but it also makes our area a visually pleasing neighbourhood and an enjoyable place to live.

In this area Grant Pietersen, heads up the “Projects Team”, and Grant has been instrumental in coordinating several projects in the last couple of months, some of which have been an uphill battle in terms of bureaucratic red tape, but he, with his “never take no for an answer” attitude, has managed to co-ordinate the erection of the signage in Forest Hills Drive as you enter our beautiful suburb, he has managed to get the eyesore of a Telkom container in the same road painted by Telkom so that it does not look like something from a squatter camp and he has managed to get the area it’s Conservancy Status.

Many of these projects are funded either in part or in full by the Neighbourhood Watch subs that are paid on an annual basis, and then there are those who contribute through time and donations.

Just today Grant and his band and “Merry Men” and “Chirpy Ladies” attended to the sign area in Forest drive!!

If you would like to be a part of this team, or have something you can contribute, then please get in touch with Grant by looking for the many Remax “For Sale” signs in the area with his name on it, or alternatively just complete the form below and he will get back to you.



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