Monthly report on the crime in the area

8 April at approx. 17h25pm – shed broken into in  Nevada – 2 African males seen on CCTV camera footage.  Stole a panga and a pair of garden cutters.

Nzinga – at about 3am homeowner got up to go to the toilet and heard dogs barking. Looked out and saw a bm running away from the back of his property.  The bm left a shoe on the back step in his haste to get away (possibly got a fright when he encountered the dog.  Nothing stolen.

5 April –Nzinga  – house robbery/ home invasion occurred.  Four African males – 1 armed with a handgun and the other with an Assault rifle which the homeowner said looked like an AK47. They stole the homeowners vehicle as well as a flat screen TV, jewellery, money, Video player, DSTV etc…The elderly residents and the maid were tied up and are still very traumatized.

This has now become a serious crime stat in our area and one which I am not taking lightly.

This level of crime needs to be addressed at provincial level as well as station level. This is the type of crime that we as neighbourhood watch members are not trained or equipped to deal with and this needs to be addressed in our next reaction meeting.

29 March 2019 –  Wild Fig – housebreaking – suspects smashed windows and threw a brick thru the window which landed on the residents bed.   They also forced through the burglar guards.  Stole a couple items from the bedroom.  Luckily the dogs (German shepherds) were inside the house and this stopped the suspects from entering.

23 March  – We had an Operation Lockdown where our reaction members stood off for three hours at the entrance/ exit points of the area.  This was an initiative supported by over 50 neighbourhood watches on the same evening.  Fantastic turnout with all the NWs and over 1000 nw members did this operation lockdown that evening.  This was a show of support between all the neighbourhood watches and also to show criminals that wherever they went there are people watching who are prepared to ensure the safety of their area.

31st March – We had Cpt Mahabeer from  Metro police come and teach our members combat training.  This was incredible and we even learnt how to disarm suspects who are carrying knives and guns.  Our members got to practise on each other and even most of us ended up with a couple bruises, sprained fingers, sore backs etc… we all agreed it was well worth it and we cant wait til the next course.

Also in March –Nzinga was broken into whilst residents were at work – driveway gates forced and front door smashed in.  Flat screen tv and computer equipment stolen etc…

Mac Mac  – shed broken into –  March – unsure if anything stolen.

Mahai – had suspect who fell in their pool – nothing stolen!   ???

Reaction members responded to an accident scene on 5 April on Inanda road involving a taxi carrying 5 small children, the driver and one adult female.  The taxi rolled twice.  Luckily the injuries were not serious.  The members assisted with medical assist as well as traffic control until the necessary ambulance services were on scene.

Boom gates/. Road closure – Woodbush.  We have Bernard Boschoff dealing with this to see if we can close off this road.  Reason for this is that this is the route that most of the vehicles stolen and involved in house breakings/ robberies are taking.  We will approach all residents in Woodbush road to get their support but we don’t see this being a problem – obviously this does not stop foot traffic only vehicles.

Crestholme have had a huge increase in crime in the last few months and are having a great deal of housebreakings as well as home invasions.

In fact crime has increased  drastically throughout the upper highway area and it is time that Hillcrest police brought in the TRT to assist as they obviously are unable to cope.

Hijackings are also on the increase so please if you feel that you are being followed do not go into your driveway.  Drive to the nearest police station or phone your security company to meet you – contact the neighbourhood watch.

If you would like to join the Neighbourhood Watch Reaction Team – Please contact me here

Karen Buxton – head of W3NW Reaction

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