WELCOME to our second Conservancy Newsletter!


Thank you for the positive feedback after our newsletter was launched in April 2019!  We did only publish it in electronic format and it was posted on our W3NW website, however we have decided with this edition, and probably those going forward, that we would distribute hard copies.  This will then reach all those in the neighbourhood rather than those “already converted”!

With Easter and all the holidays recently, the Projects Team decided to take a small break to be able to spend some family time away from the weeding, planting, planning and rubbish collecting!  During the recent Ethekwini strikes, we were all aware of the importance of rubbish collecting.  Our roads were strewn with litter from the build up of uncollected rubbish…a terrible situation for those that had to live amongst it!  If this happens again, please may we urge all neighbours to keep their uncollected rubbish bags INSIDE their own properties and to keep their own verges free from litter.


You may have noticed that the bush area behind the TELKOM caravan has started to be cleared.   This was after several nagging phone calls and emails.  Eventually a couple of guys arrived to start clearing it.  Work seems to be sporadic but we are on the case and are determined that the work be finalized soon.

We have several plans in the pipeline still and will get back on the case in the next week or two.  We have received design ideas and quotes regarding the “post & rail” fencing we want to erect at a few spots in the area.  We think that will look very pretty!


Thanks to Patrick from Pat’s Timber decking for framing our Neighbourhood Watch sign at the top of Valley Drive.  Nice work as usual Pat!  If anyone needs any decking/balustrading done, give Pat a call on 082-921-2136.

Thanks also to Samantha & Leon Jacobs for re-painting the signboard with blackboard paint….. it looks a lot neater now and ready to receive infoJ

Final thanks goes to Rebecca Scholtz for sponsoring the printing of this issue.


Whether it is to buy plants, arrange cartage of rubbish/refuse removal or buy fencing, the Conservancy needs funds. 

One of the many ways we raise money to uplift and maintain the beauty of our area, is to auction donated goods on our W3NW website.  Please take a look- you might get a bargain! Should you have any unwanted items that could potentially generate the Conservancy funding for our planned projects, please contact one of the committee members.


Our annual EASTER EGG HUNT on The Patch was a huge success.  Around 30 neighbourhood children arrived, hunted and took home their body weight in chocolate.  Thanks everyone for the fun.


It’s that time of year again when we start to plan our annual neighbourhood  get-together.  We have decided to do something a little different this year and hold a STREET PARTY along the bottom end of Mahai Drive.  This will be held on Saturday 3rd August 2019 at 2.30pm.  The neighbourhood watch will provide braais (ready for 4.30pm cooking)and music.  When the sun goes down the braais will become fires for us to sit around and enjoy each others company.  No doubt the bonfire will return in 2020.  So please save the date,3rd August… bring your own drinks, braai meat and dancing shoes.


The NW is still very active in keeping our residents safe.  We currently have 36 radio holders on the reaction team who respond and patrol regularly we thank all the ladies and gents that work at all hours to keep us safe.  Plans are afoot to increase camera surveillance and to have more radios in the neighbourhood.

Our website (www.w3nw.co.za) and reaction phone for emergencies  (071 750 5490) are both manned by Chad. We thank him for his time and effort in this regard.

 Should you wish to join the SPECIAL PROJECTS team and become more involved in our conservancy, please contact Grant on: 083-427-6663

SMILE – You are on camera

As members will be aware, there are several security cameras operating throughout the area.  Sometimes the cameras pick up some lovely footage of animals we have wandering around during the course of the night in particular.  We thought it would be a welcome change to show some of the prettier images we have captured recently…..

Obviously a cat of some description.  Surely not a lioness!   A caracal?   Serval?

If you look closely…. A porcupine?

Vervets – The do’s and don’ts! by Claire Allen

Further to Claire’s article in our first newsletter regarding vervet monkeys, she has very kindly offered a part 2.  Unfortunately due to space constraints, we have edited and shorted Claire’s piece, but thank her for her contributions.

  1. Don’t smile or bare your teeth at monkeys. Animals bare their teeth to challenge in the wild, they won’t know you are being friendly.
  2. Don’t try catch them or snatch what they have. Animals will fight for what they have, and that bag of apples/tray of eggs/loaf of bread is a lot cheaper to replace than the medical bill if he jumps at you and bites you.
  3. If they are in your home, don’t block their exit. They are not naturally confrontational with humans, and will rather try to escape. If you are in the way he will protect himself from a perceived threat.


Some ways listed below that can help you deter them from entering your home or garden:

  • Deny them access to food….protect your vegetable garden…..done by securing it with a fence and cover roof, or by spraying them with water…..
  • Hang reflective items like old CDs from tree branches or at points where they access your garden (they do not like the reflection and it can be a deterrent).
  • Rubber snakes…. only work if you use a variety of different looking rubber snakes and move them to different locations……If they see the same snake in the same spot they will investigate and realise it is not a real threat.
  • Spraying them with water, use the same pressure you would use on a small child – a fire hose will be too powerful and could injure an animal, water guns work well.
  • Keep your windows on the smallest gap to ensure they cannot climb through the windows.

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