On 19 July members of the Waterfall 3 Reaction Team held a farewell evening for Grant (Teargas) Pietersen …

Grant who was our resident estate agent, has been a key member of the Waterfall 3 Reaction Team for many years and in the past 12 months was also part of the Neighbourhood Watch Conservancy Team and managed to achieve many difficult projects with his team by his side.

If a call went out on the radio and help was needed, any time, day or night, Grant would usually be one of the first to respond (same applied to parties by the way) …. And he would not hesitate to charge into the bush or rugby tackle an unsuspecting suspect standing innocently on the side of the road…. Right down to high speed car chases into Hillcrest.

So where does the Grant (Teargas) Pietersen come from … well long story short, we have all learned, or been told, never to get into a car with Grant as he seemed to have this uncanny “bad luck” of discharging his teargas in a vehicle with unsuspecting occupants ….

Grant, the committee, reaction members and the neighbourhood as a whole, thank you for your tireless contribution to the safety and beauty of our suburb, and we wish you and your family all of the best as you embark on your journey with your family to start a new chapter of your life on the other side of the world.

Good Luck, Thank-you, God Speed and Goodbye

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