Recently, Karen Buxton, a Neighbourhood Watch Committee member, started digging into the possibility of an Internet Service Provider for the area, and after a short investigation she made contact with Peter Camp, from Open Fibre Networks to see if there could be a possibility of installing a fibre network in our area.

Peter was invited to attend the monthly neighbourhood watch meeting and answered several questions and then as promised, responded as below.

Should you have any questions in this regard, please contact Peter directly by clicking HERE or via his contact details at the end of this post.

Dear Waterfall 3 Residents,

Following the Fibre/ Internet meeting at Karen’s house, Tech5 have adjusted their wireless transmitters to provide more and stronger signal coverage of our Waterfall 3 area. Please see attached Wireless Home coverage map. Most of the area is covered by the service, but unfortunately Valley, Cussonia and Wild Fig are not able to get signal.

Wireless home is able to deliver a dedicated download speed (Not shared signal like LTE) and data is uncapped.

The system just requires the technicians to mount a small antenna facing Fields Hill high site, and cable that to the WiFi router inside your house.  The service is available just several days from having your documents approved as there is not much equipment to install. The technicians will arrange installs with you directly according to their work loads and availability.

Attached is the application form for your Home Wireless Internet .  We generally do not recommend the 4mbps as its designed for basic  emails / whats apps only and will buffer if you enjoy  streaming content such as DSTV now/ Netflix/ YouTube/ Sport. 8 – 10 Mbps is the minimum suggested package for those and the most common package in SA currently with home users, especially those calling with VoIP phones to friends and family overseas.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is what is replacing traditional copper cables/ fixed landlines. It is a fixed line phone that works through fibre cable and is crystal clear. It also uses per second billing to cells/ landlines and will reduce your call costs 30 – 40%. Any VoIP to VoIP/ internet calls are essentially free as the data used is from your Uncapped data internet package. This is the standard phone technology used in most countries. Cell calls are charged at R0.75/minute.

If you have an existing Landline number you can keep this number (called Number Porting) for a once off fee, and it will then become your VoIP number. The forms for VoIP are also attached with the fees and info.

To proceed with an order you need to email me:

(1)     copy of your ID

(2)    current proof of residence (levy/metro bill/ lease agreement etc. less than 3 months old) for the RICA/FICA requirements. PDF those along with

(3)     signed copy of the attached application.

Easy as that. Please ensure you tick the blocks for Data Package and Router choice,  sign every page and fill customer name- date- signature on the dotted lines section on Pg 6. Without all of these items we cannot legally process the application. (If the application is in a company name you need to include a  copy of registration docs and ID of signing Director)

Once the processing is completed the technical install team will call you and arrange a suitable date and time to visit and get you connected, install and setup your WiFi router. The Standard router works for most houses, the upgraded option just has a stronger local WiFi signal if you want connectivity at the end of your garden/ have a larger house etc.

Please note this does not change your email address/ log in details etc.  If you are for example cancelling a Telkom internet account you just need to inform them you want to keep your email address active, and the normal fee for that is about R15/ month.

We are still assessing the viability of doing Fibre into the area, and those taking this wireless service will still be able to transfer to the Fibre if we decide to proceed with fibre. But as mentioned at the meeting it would take 4 – 6 months soonest to go live even if it is feasible. Wireless Home is however available immediately….. if you are having problems with your current provider.

As mentioned at the meeting Telkom has officially announced it will be stopping/ phasing out ADSL services. For more info click on the link below.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Wireless Home Application Form

Voip Service Application

Voip rate Sheet


  • 2Mbps Speed – R299 per Month
  • 4Mbps Speed – R599 per Month
  • 8Mbps Speed – R899 per Month
  • 10Mbps Speed – R999 per Month
  • 20Mbps Speed – R1299 per Month

*Our data is always Unshaped & Uncapped
*Equipment remains property of Tech5
*Prices includes VAT

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In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE