I think many of us will be glad to see the back of 2020! Despite the challenges we have faced this year, your Neighbourhood Watch (including the dedicated Committee, Reaction Unit & Special Projects Team), have made great progress in maintaining the beauty, security and well being of our beautful neighbourhood.

It has been encouraging to welcome many new neighbours to the area and indeed to the Neighbourhood Watch. Welcome to one of the safest areas you could have chosen to live in! It goes without saying, that a safe, clean, tidy and friendly neighbourhood are primary factors that positively influence the values of all properties in the area and keep W3 a much sought after home for many.

Without paid up members (ONLY R300 for the whole of 2021 = R25 per month), we would be unable to achieve what we do. Here are a few snippets of what we have been busy doing in the last few months, and some reminders of what an important function our N/Watch performs on a regular basis:

Several new security cameras have been placed at strategic points throughout the area. We now have 19 cameras in W3. These cameras cost the Neighbourhood Watch R40 per month, per camera, so you can see that membership funds are always desperately needed.

We have 36 x 2-way radios, as well as 2 x base stations radios which are constantly monitored.
These play a vital role in assisting our Reaction Team. These radios some􀦞mes need replacing and obviously maintaining. N/Watch pays for the annual licence which is around R600 per year.

Unfortunately due to Covid, we missed our annual Easter Egg Hunt on the Patch, but this is usually an annual event which our neighbourhood children love. This event is funded by the N/Watch.

We consider W3 to be a family and families assist each other. During Covid, our amazing team assisted several families in the neighbourhood who were in need. Food and donated items were given to those in need – distributed and initiated by our N/Watch.

Our Special Projects Team has done a phenomenal job this year. New plants and trees were planted on Arbor Day and subsequently thereafter, and several rubbish clean-up days helped keep our neighbourhood clean and tidy. Our Splash area has been cleaned up and the foliage trimmed back a few times too. Well done team!

You may have no􀦞ced a few wooden boxes erected at the top of high wooden poles? Owl boxes.
We have Spotted Eagle Owls and Wood Owls here and are trying to encourage them to move into this 5* accommodation!

We have 3 very dedicated Blue Security Officers who look a􀁛er us day and night. We have a great working relationship with Blue that has been developed over the years and our appointed officers certainly do go “above and beyond” for us. N/Watch like to give them a small bonus to show our appreciation at Christmas time. Should you
wish to contribute, please deposit into our W3 Neighbourhood Watch Standard Bank account, a/c: 35 4747 630 (reference : BLUE XMAS).

We believe that it is imperative to know your neighbours. This makes it easier to identify people and vehicles who may be in the neighbourhood, who aren’t normally. This could be the difference needed to prevent a crime from happening. With this in mind, we endeavor to hold annual social events, such as our famous bonfire in the winter. Obviously we were unable to hold this event in 2020, but all things being well, 2021 will go ahead.

Watch this space!


We are very proud to have our very first Santa’s Postbox opposite 5 Mahai Drive this year. I have it on very good authority, that Santa is looking forward to the W3 children posting letters to him. Please bring your kids along, post a letter and take a picture. If you have any spare Christmas decorations, please hang them in the trees there to make it as exciting for the kids as we can. Santa and his Elves will be doing their usual Christmas Eve drive around – social distancing will apply and all involved will need to be masked and sanitized. Parents can still take photos, but of course the children will not be able to climb up on the sleigh to meet Santa this year. We thank the team from Remax Address for their donation towards Christmas 2020.

Whilst we have been on lockdown, our Reaction members have been monitoring the cameras day and night in shifts, from the comfort of their own homes. For the benefit of our new neighbours, our Reaction team is made up of men and women who live in the area and offer their time free of charge. Reaction is NOT a vigilante group which is a frequent misconception . Being a volunteer of this incredible group of people, would involve undertaking patrols every so often – (sometimes in car, on foot or virtually through camera CCTV watching at home), attending meetings every so often to catch up on incidents that affect us, and of course making new friends along the way. Please phone Karen, Head of Reaction on 084-318-3697 if you feel you can offer us an hour every so often.

Neighbourhood Watch is about being neighbourly. We help each other from changing a lightbulb to towing cars out of a flooded Splash! We support each other in business too. Join us in 2021 to keep Waterfall 3 one of the best neighbourhoods to live in.

All that remains, is to wish you all a very safe and happy festive season, and we look forward to 2021 with renewed vigour and enthusiasm!
With best wishes from your 2020 Committee

Arthur (Chairman) & Louise
Karen & David, Ingrid & Gavin, Sue, Craig, Claire, Rebecca & Johann


Reaction Emergency: 083-758-2664
Karen, Reaction Unit: 084-318-3697
Ingrid, Treasurer: 083-378-9805
(membership / subs / donation enquiries)
Claire, Special Projects: 083-701-6850
Blue Security: 031-717-5000

In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE