Good afternoon all Members,

2021 is well upon us and what a crazy year 2020 was. A year that as far as the Covid pandemic is concerned will hopefully never be repeated. However it was a year that saw many communities rallying together to provide for those badly affected by lockdown. Thousands of food parcels distributed to those less fortunate brought a smile to many faces. A very sad year indeed for many who lost loved ones taken well before their time by Covid. To those families,  Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch extend their heartfelt condolences to all family members and close friends. Please also remember we have a committee and members who can assist anyone in need.

Back to the nitty gritty! Subs have been set at R300 for 2021 and should have been paid by 28 February 2021. We are going to start removing gate signs from the beginning of April for all unpaid members. You will be removed from the reaction or crime whatsapp groups if you have been added to any of those. Many thanks if you have already paid!!!

An invoice for subs is attached as well as a membership form for new members or for anyone who has never completed a form to please fill it in and e-mail back to me or drop at 43 Forest Hills Road.

Bank details for subs:

Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch

Standard Bank – Hillcrest

B/code: 045726

Acc: 354747630

Ref: surname+address (eg: Carlyle-43 Forest Hills)

For cash deposits please add R15 to cover cash deposit fee charged by the bank.



Perks for Members

 – Neighbourhood Watch Gate sign

– Informative whatsapp group  (if you have paid subs and are not on the group please message me to be added)

– Access to our Reaction line manned 24/7 – 084 318 3697

– Reaction – our reaction team is on scene within a couple of minutes due to instant communication via our handheld radios

– Benefit of 19 street cameras in our area alone – an awesome deterrent for opportunists scouting our area

– E-mail communication regarding events and happenings in our area

– Area clean-ups

– Living in an awesome, friendly and sociable neighbourhood


Reaction Team

As some are aware Waterfall 3 N/Watch has been operating for more than 30 years and has the lowest crime rate in the Upper Highway area. Due to our amazing reaction team headed by Karen Buxton our guys react instantly for any call outs received. Being very dedicated they often sit for many hours day and night doing stake outs to avert crime in the area.

Not only reacting to crime related incidents they also attend domestic issues, dog fights, finding stray dogs owners, cutting up fallen down trees, towing cars out of the splash when flooded, chasing cows out of the area, removing unwanted snakes from properties and above all just being there to help anyone in need.

A huge thanks to all these guys for your dedication!!!



Patrols carried out by all community members have averted many a crime in our area. As we are aware not everyone is able to carry out patrols but all we ask is that when entering or exiting the area please take a drive around and report any suspicious vehicles or activities. On a Monday/Tuesday morning please encourage bin diggers to move on as we prefer not to have them in our area.

Awareness of your surroundings is imperative in combatting crime.

– Know your neighbours and what vehicles they drive

– Make sure no-one is following you when arriving at your home

– Check no-one is lurking outside your properties

– Dogs barking are a sure sign of unwanted activity – check through your windows but do not go outside


Project Team

Our ongoing Project team is headed by Claire Allen.

Various projects are always being implemented but most importantly Claire needs assistance on various occasions with area cleanups and maintaining the garden at the wall entering Waterfall 3 – garage entrance.

We ask all members to please keep your verges cut and clean – this will help tremendously with area clean-ups.

Please assist if possible in keeping our area litter free!


2020 Highlights

Unfortunately Covid, lockdown and social distancing made it very difficult for Neighbourhood Watch to carry out annual events that everyone is used to. Under the circumstances our committee still managed to put some Christmas joy into all our kiddies hearts with the Santa Drive on Christmas Eve. A well organised drive with Santa ringing his bell brings great delight seeing shouts of delight from all kids and some adults,  reverting back to their childhood😊😊 WELL DONE ALL!!



Attached is the raffle Waterfall 3 is running to help raise funds for a longstanding member in our area, Fish (Liza) Newmarch. Fish needs life changing surgery which is costly and not covered by Medical Aid. At R20/ticket we ask you to please open your hearts and help contribute to this worthy cause. – Click HERE


Waterfall 3 Market

Our first local market held on 12 March was a huge success. A new initiative headed by Grant Pietersen encourages Waterfall 3 residents to set up a stall and sell whatever your heart desires. The next market will be on Friday, 16 April, from 5pm to 9pm. No charge to set up a stall. Awesome foods, crafts, music, used goods, baked goods, etc were on offer. Wonderful opportunity to meet fellow residents as well as the Neighbourhood Watch Committee members. If interested please contact Grant on 083 427 6663.


That’s it Folks!!

 In closing please encourage your neighbours to join our Neighbourhood Watch as funds are desperately needed.

Fund allocations include the following:

– Maintenance of the 36 handheld radios and 2 base stations

– Additional Bush cams

– Additional street cams and installations


If possible please share this with your neighbours. Remembering we all need to participate to keep crime levels to a minimum in our area!!



Yours in combatting crime!!

 Ingrid Carlyle

Waterfall 3 N/Watch Treasurer

(43 Forest Hills Road)

In terms of the Government Gazette Vol:657 Dated 26 March 2020 No 43164 - Information regarding COVID19 can be found at HERE