Alternative Micro Investment Management
Address: 6 Nzinga Drive Waterfall.
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Using leveraged instruments in spot Forex and highly advanced 24/7 money management systems – We look to grow your base asset by an approximate 5% (simple interest) per month – using a combination of spread split (IB commissions share); As a guaranteed backstop for accounts managed and normal organic growth of the underlying Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling portfolio.
Long Business Description:

The spread split (IB commissions share) stops once we have achieved 60% return on base asset value ($, £, € ) on capital invested over a 12 month cycle. The cycle then resets and 5% simple monthly growth becomes the new hurdle for (IB Split). This is a investment solution that only generates investment management fees off of IB commissions (which are effectively transaction costs)… no extra fees are taken off your investment at any time and the investment stays in your name with an independent 3rd party broker (who pays the IB fees)… This means your investment growth is completely yours to compensate you for taking the risk. DO NOT INVEST MORE MONEY THAN WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD TO DO WITHOUT (Maximum initial accounts are 5000 Base Currency & Minimums are 1000 Base Currency)

Currently the fund is up 34.6% YTD

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Bernard Boshoff
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