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Welcome to Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood watch …

A beautiful country suburb which is in close proximity to Hillcrest.  Surrounded by the historically and ecologically significant Krantzkloof nature reserve which offers stunning views and is home to hundreds of different flora and fauna and includes species found nowhere else in the world.

 At 500 meters above sea level we are saved from the humidity levels of the coastal regions but are still close enough to enjoy all that Durban has to offer as well as 2 hours away from the majestic Drakensberg mountains.

 Waterfall 3 only has a dozen roads and three entrance/exits – one of which is what we fondly call “the splash”, a tiny waterfall which runs across the road in Valley drive.  This stream is surrounded by the most beautiful vegetation and is home to our famous leguaan, dassies, and porcupines. 

 An area that residents can enjoy peaceful walks or a cycle whilst admiring our stunning surrounds.  Horses and miniature ponies are sometimes seen trotting in our roads and residents drive slowly or stop to admire them.  Children can happily ride their bicycles in the area and enjoy the freedom of their youth.

 Residents are encouraged to get to know their neighbours and are all invited to our neighbourhood watch meetings as well as our famous annual Winterfest/bonfire.  We also host Easter egg hunts on the Mahai Patch in Waterfall 3 as well as a Halloween event every year which kids and adults can dress up and safely enjoy.

We also organize guided walks in the reserve for our residents to enjoy. 

This beautiful conservancy area is respected by all residents.  To be able to sit and observe our incredible surroundings whilst enjoying the peace and quiet and occasional hooting of an owl  or the call of other bird brings a feeling of rest and relaxation.

 The Waterfall 3 neighbourhood watch is one of the oldest in KZN and has been going for over 40 years.  Some of the original members are still active in the neighbourhood watch.

A small suburb with a big heart!  Family atmosphere and friendly community spirit.

 We have a very active reaction team of residents in the area who help to keep our area safe!  Out of just under 300 houses in the area, we have over 50% membership to the neighbourhood watch as well as just over 50 reaction team members and a network two way radio system of 34 reaction team members. 

A 24 hour dedicated Blue security vehicle patrols the area.

An area like no other.  Waterfall 3 is an area we very proudly call home!

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Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch Area

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The Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch Committee can be quite a naughty bunch (and I can personally vouch for that) however in the same light they all have hearts of gold and this year they decided to have some fun and treat the neighbourhood to something special. Under...

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Fiber to the home

As residents of the Waterfall 3 area, we are pretty much limited to the choices we have in terms of Internet Connectivity, given the fact that we have limited to poor cell reception, LTE is available, however the speeds and cost are ridiculous to say the least. This...

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Our Blue Zones each have a dedicated vehicle that patrols the designated footprint 24 hours a day. These vehicles have resulted in a solid track record of significantly minimised crime within the communities they service.

A combination of high visibility patrolling from the dedicated vehicle, personalised community and vehicle signage, and the proactive nature of a dedicated service proves that community policing works. Operating within a dedicated footprint, the armed response officers get to know the area, monitor who should and should not be there, and, when in need, the vehicle ensures that project clients receive exceptional response times, in some cases within seconds.

The personalised nature of a Blue Zone extends to residents having direct contact with the response officer for meet and greet services. A dedicated vehicle solution is proactive by design and as such is a force to be reckoned with.

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On 19 July members of the Waterfall 3 Reaction Team held a farewell evening for Grant (Teargas) Pietersen … Grant who was our resident estate agent, has been a key member of the Waterfall 3 Reaction Team for many years and in the past 12 months was also part of the...

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As most of you know, the Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch has a Reaction Team, their primary function is to ensure safety in the neighbourhood through regular patrols and attend to crises situations to offer support, however occasionally things happen that are way out...

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Annual Easter Egg Hunt

The annual Waterfall 3 Neighbourhood Watch Easter Egg Hunt was held on 20 April and was yet again a great success with both the Adults, Children and Adults actiing like children. VIEW MORE PICTURES IN THE GALLERY A special thanks goes out to the Waterfall 3 Committee...

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